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To: Grassroots, BME organisations, The Executive Office, NILGA, District & County Councils

Representation of Africans & Decision Making "African Voices"

Demand that Africans and all BME communities represent themselves in all decision making processes especially local and national policy.

Why is this important?

In N.Ireland Africans, Black Minority Ethnic people do not have a voice within policy making bodies and institutions. The reason for this is Systemic Institutional Racism and Career Gatekeepers. Some of these Individuals & Organisations claim to represent Africans, Migrants, Refugees and Asylum seekers whilst on the other hand calling for 'BLM6JuneActivists" to be prosecuted.

How it will be delivered

Deliver in Person to the Northern Ireland Executive at Stormont.

411 Holywood Rd, Belfast BT4 2LP, an Ríocht Aontaithe

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