To: The Government of Ireland

Real Affordable Houses NOW!

Real Affordable Houses NOW!

We want a come back of the rent to buy scheme in all counties of the Republic of Ireland NOW! Or any other scheme that will allow people to buy a house even if they do not have the so called 10% deposit.

Why is this important?

Irish people and also many new residents in Ireland have become HOSTAGES of GREEDY LANDLORDS. SO many needed professionals are leaving Ireland for good because they are unable to make the money for the deposit to buy their first property and EVEN WORSE..... They are afraid of becoming the NEW HOMELESS. We have seen so many people with good jobs paying over 1.200 euros per month rent and trying to survive with what is left of it. Try saving money for a deposit to get into a mortgage is JUST IMPOSSIBLE. Living with your parents is not an option (Parents die, live in a different country or in many cases people never had parents. Most of the time, people are THE PARENTS trying not to become HOMELESS to protect their CHILDREN).

Ireland has created the UNTHINKABLE! In any other country, homeless people are usually single people who never went to school or never had a chance to go to school, people who can not get a job or drug addicted. But in Ireland, homeless people actually have a job, usually paid a lot of money to rent a place before becoming homeless and were HOSTAGES of their landlord for a good while. The ones that are not homeless, they are afraid of becoming homeless.

The government says that there are not enough houses, but the truth is that there are many houses for sales, people are just UNABLE to buy a property because it is an impossible task to make a deposit for a mortgage while you pay over 1.200 euros rent!!! And the current schemes available ARE JUST NOT HELPING AT ALL!!!!!

Even if they BUILD thousands of houses in one month, the number of homeless people will only increase because THE ONES WHO actually NEED to HAVE their first property, they will not afford to buy it, while the rich landlords will buy all of it and rent for WHATEVER PRICE they WANT!!!! WE ARE HOSTAGES of a very stupid system.

Please, let's claim for a change NOW. People can not put up with this any longer!