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To: Wexford County Council

Put Vacant Homes Back in Use in Wexford

Put Vacant Homes Back in Use in Wexford

We call on Wexford county council to immediately put in place a plan to put vacant council properties back in use for the 4000 people on the housing list in Co Wexford.

Why is this important?

We have a situation where homeless families and individuals can't move on from emergency accommodation. Where they are forced to accept substandard accommodation, when available. Discriminated against because of being in receipt of social housing supports. The housing crisis will not be resolved by the market. We need social housing now! If you know the location of an empty council property please take a picture and send it to us


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Reasons for signing

  • To get Wexford County Council to wake up and start sorting out these properties - both their own and those in the private sector being held by developers as "land banks" and with no interest in refurbishment.
  • Everyone deserves a home.


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