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To: Minister for Mental Health and Older People

National Online Counselling Service Now!

Put mental health supports in place, by beginning the immediate process of bringing all mental healthcare workers into the public system to work on a national online video chat counselling service, during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Why is this important?

Heightened levels of loneliness, anxiety and stress levels are affecting our mental well being. It is inevitable that some people will really struggle and need professional support as the pandemic continues. These supports need to be put in place urgently.
Mental health professionals should help operate an online video chat counselling service. Current service users should be able to continue with their sessions online, but there’s no reason why extra staff, including psychologists and psychiatrists couldn’t facilitate an online service for anyone needing support. They could have an initial online meeting, and then be referred to the most suitable mental health professional. We would not be advocating this ordinarily, but these are extraordinary times and we need to think outside the box. This action alone could stop worse problems down the line for both young and old alike.
Covid-19 shouldn’t mean people suffering with their mental health should suffer more by staying indoors. Isolation is detrimental to anyone that suffers. An online service needs to be provided to people as it will be the only thing to keep them going through this horrible period.
Please sign the petition to help us get an online counselling service for anyone that needs it. This will be a lifesaver to some.


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