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To: GAA President Larry McCarthy

#FairPlayOrNoPlay - Protect GAA Referees

We love our games, but no referees means no games.

That's why we're calling for a #FairPlayOrNoPlay approach to players', managers' and spectators' interactions with our referees. If you can't cop on with a ref, you've no business on the pitch or in the ground.

We're asking GAA President Larry McCarthy to take a lead on this #FairPlayOrNoPlay strategy and implement measures where a team forfeits a match and involved players and spectators are banned in the case of any inappropriate behaviour towards referees.

Why is this important?

Recent high-profile assaults on referees have shown us that our national sports have a problem. Referees will not continue to turn up to our matches if they are not treated with respect and fair play. That's why we're calling for a national strategy to tackle this problem by making it clear that people who behave aggressively or inappropriately towards referees have no place in our games.



2022-09-28 23:59:04 +0100

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