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To: Minister for Housing

Player Wills Community Campaign

For over a decade now the Player Wills’ site on the South Circular Road has laid vacant. The site has been passed into the hands of NAMA with Grant Thornton appointed as receivers.

This site has the potential to have develop over 500 affordable homes with appropriate community facilities, in order to develop a sustainable community for decades to come.

The Minister for Housing should intervene to stop this land being transferred to a private equity firm and develop the site as cost rental and affordable housing to ensure that the housing needs of our citizens is met.

Why is this important?

After years of private market failure in building residential accommodation, we must provide for a new model to tackle the housing crisis on lands which are currently in state control. Dublin 8 has been inundated with development applications for hotel and luxury student accommodation which is undermining the cohesiveness of our community. We want a sustainable urban quarter developed on the Player Wills land and this can only be done with Ministerial intervention to ensure that NAMA fulfill their social remit and deliver quality housing in the inner city.

Dublin, Ireland

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