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To: Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media

Play more Irish music and artists on the radio

Please introduce policies and regulations ensure that Irish artists are played on Irish radio.

Why is this important?

Radio plays an important role in introducing listeners to new music and artists.

Each licensed station should be required to devote a minimum 20% percent of its weekly music broadcasting to Irish artists.

Both Canada & France have policies in place to ensure their homegrown talent is given their fair share of airplay. Let's do the same for our own amazing artists!

"Just do it, every fourth song has to be from an Irish act. It wouldn’t kill people and it wouldn’t make people turn off." Dave Fanning.

“Irish radio will not play enough Irish records and I just don’t understand it. How can we break a new act if our own radio stations won’t play our own acts?" Louis Walsh.

Canadian content requirements for music on Canadian radio:


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