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To: Taoiseach (Leo Varadkar), Minister for Foreign Affairs (Micheál Martin), Irish Ambassador to the UN (Fergal Mythen), President of the UN General Assembly (Dennis Francis)

Ceasefire for Gaza: Stop the killing

We urgently need to support the Emergency General Assembly under the Uniting for Peace Resolution (U4P).

Why is this important?

It's clear that the UN Security Council is deadlocked by US vetoes and, as a result, is unable to bring about peace in Gaza.

The recent UN General Assembly verdict, calling for a humanitarian truce, has been clearly ignored by the Israeli government as bombings, mass starvation and ground invasions continue to be carried out. The United States' veto is blocking the UN Security Council from taking action.

The death toll in Gaza is continuing to rise and until the bombings stop and water, healthcare and other vital services are restored then thousands more are doomed to die from the violence, dehydration, starvation and outbreaks of deadly disease.

Ireland must support an immediate ceasefire at the UN Emergency General Assembly under the Uniting for Peace Resolution. The outcome of this may be backed by the use of U.N. armed peacekeepers when necessary, as a last resort, in the case of a breach of the peace or act of aggression.

It's clear that rhetoric alone has not been enough to stop Netanyahu's government from continuing to carry out a genocide in Gaza. The enforceable nature of a U4P is required to ensure an immediate ceasefire and an end to the unimaginable devastation that is happening every day in Gaza.



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