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To: The Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth of Ireland

Mother and Baby Homes Redress: Change the discriminative 6 month rule.

We implore and demand in the name of fairness and justice, that the minister responsible for oversight of the Mother and Baby Homes Redress Scheme gives serious, genuine and compassionate consideration to rescinding the discriminative and unfair six month qualifying rule.

Why is this important?

This rule serves no purpose other than to exclude, reject, and leave a disproportionate number of former residents, along with the representatives of sadly deceased residents, feeling that after so many years they yet again don't matter in the eyes of the state and are rated second class in the country in which they were born. It is not about mere financial compensation. No amount of money can repair the feelings of loss, separation and damage that was deliberately and purposefully inflicted upon innocent mothers and their children by state and church. It goes far beyond monetary considerations.
The hurt and emotional damage caused by the introduction of this arbitrary rule is immeasurable. It must be addressed and remedied with urgency.


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