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To: Virgin Media One

Matt Williams needs to go.

Terminate the contract of Matt Williams as rugby correspondent for Six Nations matches after the completion of this Guinness Six Nations Series.

Why is this important?

Matt Williams, the rugby correspondent is ill fit for his position as a rugby pundit. Matt Williams is contracted by Virgin media where he commentates alongside fellow panelists on International rugby. It is notable that Williams is always the weakest of the panelists. His inability to dissect the game analytically is quite evident. However, this is not the worst aspect of Williams punditry.
Williams seemingly constant negativity he holds of the Irish rugby team is borderline Insulting. His almost incessant rants about the Irish rugby team are both repetitive and wearing. He dwells on what they could and should have done all of the time, rather than perhaps pointing out the good play that got them into the position to make a given mistake in the first place. His criticism is evidently strong. Strong criticism has to be merited though. And by that, I mean the Individual who is heavily criticising has to have had been in the position of those who he/she is criticising.Thus, Williams criticism is not merited, as he himself has not played rugby at International level.
Whilst, I will acknowledge that Williams has had a playing career himself, it was not at International level and as a result, he is unable to relate to or is distant from the pressures that any International player faces when they put on their Country's Jersey. I will also acknowledge that Williams also has experience as a coach which some reputable sides, most notably being Leinster, Ulster and Scotland. However, this experience as a rugby coach along side his career at club rugby level is still not enough for any Individual to express views of almost complete toxicity towards any International side.
I really hope that Virgin Media or whomever is broadcasting Six Nations rugby in the future reads what I've written! , and takes into account, the few, of many reasons why Williams is not a suitable candidate, to hold position as a rugby correspondent for Six Nations rugby matches going forward.
Thank you for reading this. If you agree, with the points I've laid out in this campaign, then I hope you sign this petition! to give this piece a further voice, and a validity that can't be achieved if its the viewpoint of solely one person.


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