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To: companies who are hiring

Bring employment opportunity everywhere

We want you to pledge a remote job now or in the future. When you're advertising a role next, we're asking you to advertise that job 'location-less', or remotely.

Location-less means the job can be picked up and delivered anywhere - cork, Achill island, Dublin City or Tullamore. It means you're not asking people to be in a certain location to do a job.

Why is this important?

With our unemployment rate suddenly jumping, now more than ever, we need to set a vision for a brighter future. We need to really leverage the power of remote work, and make any employment that becomes available, available to all - especially the hardest hit communties.

When jobs are advertised without a location, they become available to people in our local communties anywhere. This means that people can work, live and participate locally and keep our communties thriving.

Grow Remote is an award winning social enterprise that has spent the last two years mapping remote companies.

We've noticed that during Covid-19, companies are beginning to speak about remote work and their own policies, they're telling us they've always hired remotely. The problem we face is that the traditional jobs boards don't allow these companies to advertise in every community. That means that these jobs become invisible to our communties.

Knowing which companies hire remotely is life changing for these people and communties.

Our ask is this - if you're hiring now and open to remote, pledge a job, and let us know so we can promote it. You don't need to change your current recruitment practices - just leave this part to us.

If you're not hiring now but will do in the future and now intend to advertise that location-less, please pledge to advertise the next role you have location-less.

How it will be delivered

We will advertise all remote roles for free with the jobs board, and promote them to the wider Grow Remote community. We'll make the final stats publicly available.

We're facilitating weekly sessions for newly unemployed people, and setting up training resources to ensure there's a remote ready workforce skilled to take these jobs.

We also run free office hours to help companies put the culture, policy and tech in place.



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