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To: Robin Swann Health Minister

Lift Maternity Restrictions in NI

Lift Maternity Restrictions in NI

I am calling on the health minister to immediately review the restrictions around scans, labour and birth.
-pregnant women should be allowed someone to accompany them to ALL SCANS
-Birth partners should be allowed to remain with pregnant women THROUGHOUT the labour / induction process (not just after 4cm dilation)
-Fathers / birth partners should be allowed to stay with their newborns for longer than an hour after birth. Protect the mental health of new mothers, protect the rights of fathers to be a part of the labour and birth process!!

Why is this important?

We believe that the restrictions currently in place due to the Covid outbreak are not necessary, not based on scientific evidence, are disrespecting human rights and are not proportionate to achieve the objective of limiting the spread of the virus.
We are concerned about Birth and Perinatal Trauma and the long term Mental Health issues that these restrictions are causing/will cause.

Northern Ireland, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Mothers should have the right to have their partners with them at this most precious time. Can go to a bar but can’t with with your parent throughout their pregnancy?
  • I signed because this is going to be my first baby. My partner is devastated that he can't attend all appointments as its our first and he doesnt want to miss anything. I also struggle with panic attacks and anxiety and he keeps me calm. A father has just as many rights to be there for all scans and appointments and the whole birth and after to spend time with their child! Absolute disgrace this is being taken away from them.
  • I am expecting and I’m terrified of being on my own! I need my husband with me


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