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To: Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government

Redress Scheme for Defective Properties

Redress Scheme for Defective Properties

The Government has been urged to introduce a "Latent Defects Redress Scheme" to help those living in badly built properties constructed during the Celtic Tiger era. We're calling on Minister Eoghan Murphy to implement the recommendations of the all-party Housing Committee "Safe as Houses?" report [1], including redress scheme for homes affected by fire and other life safety construction defects.

Why is this important?

Many affected homes are not safe in the event of a fire. [2] Home owners and owners' management companies face prohibitive remediation costs. Most affected home owners have no recourse to the original builders/developers.The State's regulatory regime at the time of construction was not fit for purpose. There are no alternative remedies available.




Reasons for signing

  • Home owners should not have to pay thousands of euros from their own pockets to address defects which they did not cause.
  • Already cost me €4,500 to prove I had pyrite. Watching unsafe balconies being pulled down and it seems to be a we'll know fact that there are serious fire concerns in Belmayne. Look at the row of houses in Kildare that were reduced to chimney stacks. A fire at night in Belmayne will have multiple fatalities and no amount of spin will cover up the warning signs documented over the last decade.
  • I believe that the state let the buyer down and allowed the developer free rein to profit of the back of misery and danger.


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