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To: National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology, Minister for Arts, Heritage, and Tourism: Catherine Martin TD

Irish Artifacts Belong in Ireland

Consider the many indigenous artifacts which may have been removed unlawfully and taken away from Ireland. Their position and placement should be decided upon by the governing authorities of their place of origin - Ireland.

Why is this important?

The Mount Keefe Chalice is one of Ireland's oldest artefacts. It is currently on display in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. What's disappointing about this is that this artefact is an object that belonged to monks of the late 17th Century in Ireland. It is presumed to have been used to celebrate mass when Penal Laws were very strict in Ireland. The Mount Keefe Chalice was said to have disappeared after the murder of two monks in the region of Newmarket, Co. Cork. The chalice appeared again, 200 years later! Eventually, in 1929 it was sold by an heiress of a large estate in Co. Cork to the value of £400 (approx. €25,000) to the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. [1]

I would like us, the people of Ireland, to reevaluate it's placement in the UK. Why is it displayed in a museum in the UK? Can we reclaim this Chalice and any other artifacts like it, bring it back to it's cultural land of origin. The heritage that this chalice, and artefacts like it could be brought back to Ireland in an appropriate context that can be shared and valued by all.

Photograph: Public Domain Pictures | Pixabay




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