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Improve variety, quality and prices for the Canteen in CSM

We would like to see an improvement in the selection of food made available in your canteen. There is currently very little on offer for vegetarians or vegans or any one with gluten intolerance. The prices have also risen sharply and many students are struggling to be able to afford these prices. We would urge you to consider these issues and hopefully find solutions for both the student body and for the staff of CSM.

Why is this important?

This issue affects everyone in the college. A balanced and affordable diet is extremely important. Recycling the same dishes on a weekly basis is not considerate of the overall needs of students and staff. Alot of students are not eating in the college due to prices and this has a knock on effect on a students ability to apply healthy eating and habits to their everyday college lives.

Union Quay, Ballintemple, Cork, Ireland

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