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To: Eoghan Murphy Minister for Housing

Extend all Part 4 Tenancies

I want the Minister for Housing to extend all Part 4 Tenancies to a minimum of 6 years or ideally to 10 years, Fine Gael inform us the housing crisis will take time to fix so one way to provide security to tenants is by extending the terms of a Part 4 Tenancy. Tenants acquire a Part 4 tenancy after 6 months in a fixed term lease. A Part 4 runs along side a Fixed Term Tenancy and entitles a tenant to further stay in the property for up to 5 and half years if the tenancy began after the 24th December 2016. For tenancies that began before 24th December 2016 tenants can only remain for a further 3 and a half years.

Why is this important?

Many tenants are being evicted because landlord currently can prevent a further Part 4 tenancy. We are in the middle of a Housing Emergency, there is no reason why a tenant should not be allowed security of tenure if the aren't in breach of their obligations as set out in the Residential Tenancies Act 2004.


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