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To: Dublin City Council

Council Tenants Fight Back

We, the undersigned, are calling on the elected members of Dublin City Council to support the following resolution, which states that:

1. Dublin City Council will establish an independent complaints agency for tenants in consultation with tenant representatives.

2. Management will withdraw the document which state repairs and maintenance are the responsibility of the tenant dated 16th June 2009. This document is biased against tenants.

3. Dublin City Council will henceforth recognise the right of tenants to access the Environmental health officer should they be concerned about conditions in their dwelling.

We declare that a list shall be published of all councillors who are willing to endorse this resolution and those who do not.

In view of the fact that many tenants are forced to live in damp conditions and do not have the same rights as private tenants, Dublin City Council will adopt a new approach to its tenants.

Why is this important?

A Charter of Rights for Council Tenants

1. Councils should carry out regular inspections of their property and maintain a record of both complaints and inspections, as agreed with tenants.

2. The document ‘Repairs and Maintenance which are the responsibility of the Tenant’ dated 16 June 2009 must be withdrawn. There must be no retrospective consequences for any alterations. This document is biased against tenants.

3. Council tenants should have the same right to access to an Environmental Health Officer as private tenants have, with a responsible set response time.

4. All Dublin City Council property must be inspected for current ventilation standards.

5. On a short-term basis, tenants who suffer from damp conditions should be provided with a demand led conditioning machine that circulates air. All heating systems need to be up to EU standards.

6. Council tenants should have access to an independent complaints agency. This should be composed of representatives of tenants, the council and an agreed mediator.

7. The council should recognise tenant’s associations that are organised democratically and provide them with access to proper meeting facilities.

8. All council property to be inspected for fire standards, especially the installations of fire alarms.

9. Relocation of tenants in emergency situations should be short-term and should be housed in their local area while repairs are undertaken.

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver this petition to the DCC in June

Dublin, Ireland

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2017-04-12 11:16:07 +0100

Council Tenants Action Group

Public Meeting

Annette Mooney
(People Before Profit)
John Bisset
(Fatima Mansions & St. Michaels Regeneration Team)

Greenside Community Centre

8.30pm Wednesday 12th April
For more information contact 0872839964

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