To: An Bord Pleanála, Darragh O'Brien TD Minister for Housing, Dublin Corporation

Convert Dublin Port to Housing

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

We have a housing crisis. If only there was a large area of land, in the centre of a city, facilitated by public transport.

This article sums up the idea:

- Easy Luas connection (the Red Line current goes to the Point);

- Located in the centre of town (environmentally efficient and in furtherance of the 15-minute-city prospect);

- Beside an existing shopping centre with a large potential for growth (the Point contains large numbers of half empty shopping units);

- Well connected to the airport (Dublin tunnel);

- A large area of land pleasantly located (beside the sea);

- A better use of the land (it's currently either a through-fare or a de facto car park);

- Precedent exists for such a conversion of land:

- Relocating the dock could reduce economic disparities (think of the local economy that could spring up wherever it is relocated);

- Compulsory purchase order likely needed (but the common good necessitates housing);

- Economic cost of relocating;

- Lengthy process of determining a new location

- Hotels would love the idea.

Why is this important?

We're in a housing crisis; it's an obvious solution.

The land is barely accessed or beneficial to the majority of the Dublin population. This would further the community of North Wall and help the housing solution.

Dublin Port, Dublin, Ireland

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