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Allow our kids participate in other physical contact sport while competing in boxing.

Why is this important?

Regarding a decision on 17th May at the girls National Boxing Championships in the National Stadium where Tullow Amateur Boxing Club's member Chloe Black was not allowed to box on the basis of an AIBA rule which disallows competitors to be involved in any other individual, physical, contact sport. We wish to have this rule abolished. The rule in this particular case was only applied as a result of an alleged complaint which apparently was then withdrawn. This rule was not applied to any other boxer competing on Friday night who were also involved in other individual, physical, contact sport as stated by members of the IABA committee who made this decision not to allow Chloe a 12 year old box in the final. The reason the IABA gave Tullow BC coaches for allowing the others to compete was because they said they only had to act on complaints that were lodged and there were no complaints about any other competitors participating in other physical, contact sports.
This unfair and unjust rule which was only circulated on Thursday 16th May affects every child in Ireland involved in boxing. It has left Chloe Black devastated and in a position where she is unable to compete in boxing and was disallowed to compete for a second National title. Boxing is a sport that she loves and holds 1 National title, 2 Leinster titles and 3 Michael Andrews titles and has an unbeaten record. All because Chloe is involved in Carlow Muay Thai club which the IABA class as a physical contact sport.
Please sign the petition to fight this rule on behalf of every young boxer in Ireland.



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