A publicly-owned and secular National Maternity Hospital

We are people across Ireland organising and campaigning locally for the new National Maternity Hospital to be publicly-owned and secular.

Uplift members have been fighting for a National Maternity Hospital free from religious influence for years – and we’ve made major waves. We've launched petitions, commissioned expert legal research, joined rallies, splashed full-page ads all over the media - all with fierce public opinion on our side. 

The latest plan by the Sisters of Charity and St. Vincent Hospital bosses – is to make sure we don’t get the reproductive healthcare we all deserve. We're hearing that a deal with this Government is on the verge of being agreed. 
Health Minister Stephen Donnelly has the power to stop this. Instead, he’s going behind our backs and is prepared to let our new maternity hospital be controlled by a private company with Catholicism at its core.

We won’t stay silent on this.
 Uplift members will never stay quiet until our new National Maternity Hospital is publicly-owned and safe for everyone who needs reproductive healthcare.