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To: Simon Coveney - Minister for Foreign Affairs, Heather Humphreys - Minister for Justice, Taoiseach Micheál Martin, and Government of Ireland

A Thousand Welcomes to the People of Afghanistan

A Thousand Welcomes to the People of Afghanistan

The Government of Ireland have committed initially to take 150 Afghan people fleeing the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. While this is a good start, Ireland must do more to grant asylum welcome to these people who have had leave their homes and to give up everything.

Why is this important?

While the country faces collapse as Taliban rule takes over, this situation is likely to escalate. We have all bore witness to the tragic events as they unfold, watching the unimaginable heartbreak of these communities. While we may feel powerless right now, there things we can do.

The initial response from the Irish Government is a good starting point, but we must do more to welcome Afghan people to our communities.

We are calling on Simon Coveney and the Government to take action by:

- Welcoming families and people seeking asylum from the unfolding crisis by increasing the initial figure of 150 humanitarian visas

- Ceasing deportation orders and forced return of Afghan people from Ireland to Aghanistan;

- Expediting the asylum granting process for Afghan people already in Ireland and minimize the time these people have to spend in Direct Provision; and,

- Strengthening family reunification for the Afghan people in our communities to keep families safe

- Working with the international community to ensure safe pathways and enable safe passage across Europe, including women, children and minority groups who are now fearing the worst.

- Continuing to show positive leadership on the United Nations Security Council

Ní neart go cur le chéile.

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