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To: Taoiseach Micheál Martin & Trade Minister Leo Varadkar

The People's Vaccine

The People's Vaccine

As global citizens we call on you to urgently ensure access to lifesaving Covid-19 vaccines, treatments and equipment for everyone in the world. Patents should be lifted, technological knowledge shared freely and openly, and no profiteering allowed during this pandemic.

Governments, scientists and pharmaceutical companies must cooperate and combine resources to ensure no one is left behind. The pandemic will not be over, until it’s over everywhere.

Why is this important?

Covid vaccines could save millions of lives, but there's a catch.

The vaccines are owned by Big Pharma giants and they can’t produce enough for everyone fast -- the world's richest countries have already bought most of the doses, leaving poorer countries facing a massive shortfall.

But it doesn't have to be like this. The World Trade Organisation can change the rules for Covid-19 vaccine patents, allowing a huge scale up in production.

Countries that could manufacture the vaccine themselves are stuck behind intellectual property laws designed to maximise profit - but if Ireland does its part at the World Trade Organisation meeting in March, we could all have vaccines.

The pandemic will not be over, until it's over everywhere.


Reasons for signing

  • Should not need a petition for this to happen
  • Really crucially important to help poorer countries have access to the vaccines.


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