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To: Minister for Foreign Affairs and Dept of Foreign Affairs,

Support the Hiraki Movement and Algerians Fighting For Freedom

Support the Hiraki Movement and Algerians Fighting For Freedom

We call on you to stand with people of Algeria living in Algeria and living overseas who are fighting for democracy, human rights and transparency.
Students from Algeria, and people with an Algerian heritage living in Ireland are joining with others from all over the world to call on political leaders, human rights NGO's and human rights experts to speak out and use their voice to put a spotlight on the terrible situation in Algeria.
We want a government in Algeria to uphold peoples right to self determination, to release illegally detained activists and journalists, allow the right to protest and freedom of speech.

Why is this important?

The Algerian Military, backed by some EU countries are suppressing citizen’s voice for justice and freedom.
They are imprisoning and kidnapping citizens, committing sex crimes on people in police custody and sentencing people without trial.
We want peace, democracy, justice, transparency, and respect for basic human rights.


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