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To: Michael D'Arcy - Department of Expenditure and Reform

Stop Wasting Time - Reform Insurance in Ireland Now

Stop Wasting Time - Reform Insurance in Ireland Now

Demand Michael D'Arcy and the Government to stop wasting time and reform insurance in Ireland now. We need to get behind all the businesses that are suffering and support the demands of Alliance for Insurance Reform. They are calling for:

1. The set up of a Garda Insurance Fraud Unit

2. Consistency in the calculation of awards at realistic and affordable levels

3. Re calibration of the Book of Quantum to reflect international norms and norms already established by the Court of Appeal

4. Transparency on how premiums are calculated and claims are settled

Why is this important?

Businesses are crippled and closing down, play opportunities for children everywhere are being closed off or shut down. We can't move or do anything because of 'criminal' insurance costs eroding our freedom to enjoy so many activities. Why? because our Government is dragging its heels and refusing to reform insurance in Ireland.

Just last week, another story in the newspaper an example of what is happening to businesses with insurance rates. See original article:

The article mentions Shane Holohan who set up Taking Flight, a business in Phibsboro - which offers aerial and acrobatics classes - he was able to get sports insurance cover for €350. That was in 2015. Fast-forward four years and the business has expanded, and Mr Holohan has invested thousands equipping a studio in Phibsboro.

Shane stated publicly on facebook that last week, he was only able to secure 1 quote for public liability cover and it's 56 times greater than what it was 4 years ago! Despite no claims having ever been made against Taking Flight and working to multiple policies and standards of safe practice. How is this being allowed to happen?

We have all heard stories recently... or have experienced them ourselves. We need to get behind those who are working hard to change things so we can get back to some kind of normality. Enough is enough.

Please support this campaign and spread it widely to all our networks. Let's show Michael D'Arcy and the Irish Government what the Irish people really think about insurance premiums in this country


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