To: Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan TD

Stop the sale of 5,000 acres of the Dublin Mountains by NAMA

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Stop the sale of 5,000 acres of the Dublin Mountains by NAMA

Stop the sale of 5,000 acres of the Dublin Mountains at Glenasmole Valley, and retain the lands in State ownership as a National Park, managed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Why is this important?

This area is one of the most spectacular places in this country, which matches anything anywhere else in its beauty. It is a stunning wilderness. The valley which is for sale sits surrounded by 20,000 hectares of the Wicklow National Park.

NAMA has put this site up for sale with an auctioneer, but it is not too late to stop the sale process. The site has absolutely no development potential. Some 93% of the land is in a Special Area of Conservation and it cannot be developed. We need to keep control of these lands and to use them as part of a National Park.

If we can keep hold of this area, it could also be part of a Dublin Mountains Park, as proposed by South Dublin County Council. The Council announced this as the centrepiece of its tourism strategy, suggesting it could bring in some €26 million and create 2,500 jobs.

People walk, cycle and engage in all types of activities in the Dublin Mountains and these 5,000 acres would be an incredible facility. We’re calling on the Government to intervene and recognises that this has huge value to the State, and prevent this area from being sold.

Contact your local representative to highlight the importance of this issue!

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition in person to the Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan TD.

Dublin, Ireland

Reasons for signing

  • to strike a blow against the philistine government.
  • Disgraceful selling the ground out from under us next.


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