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To: Frances Fitzgerald TD and Michael Lynch CEO Cillian Hill Kilkenny

Stop Angus Buchan speaking in Kilkenny

This campaign has ended.

Stop Angus Buchan speaking in Kilkenny

Stop preacher Angus Buchan from preaching homophobia and misogyny in Kilkenny

Why is this important?

Angus Buchan claims to be able to cure homosexuality, and he does so stating "homosexuality is against the word of god, I'm not doing this for money I'm doing this because God told me to" GCN 12/08/16.

Buchan speaking to a mixed sex audience urged wives in the audience to be more "feminine" and not to criticise their partners. In addition he demanded that husbands physically discipline their children without their wives "interfering"

Buchan has been banned from speaking at a similar event in Scotland

Kilkenny, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • There's no room for this kind of bigotry, misogyny and outdated dogma in our society today. It smacks of the radical islamic movements we've been seeing around the world and in my eyes is no better.
  • Terrible old man not living in reality
  • Hitting children, homophobia, and misogyny are all terrible acts.


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