To: Laois county council

Save fences for safety and security of our families

Save fences for safety and security of our families

Let kilminchy residents keep their fences in front of the house for safety and security of our families.
Need changes in planning law as one jealous person can make your life miserable by misusing easy planning complaint system.

Why is this important?

Kilminchy residents story.

We couple of residents from kilminchy estate received an enforcement letter from laois county council to remove our fences from front of the house due to complaint some jealous person made to laois county council.
Due to rise of antisocial behaviour in the estate we decided to get fences for our front of house for the safety and security of our families.
After getting informations from garda siochona and laois county council regarding exempted developments we got a fence in front of our houses.
Later on we received an enforcement notice to remove the fence and have been harassed by council since than on the basis of complaint made by someone who is obviously only jealous and have nothing better to do.There is not much to go into details but whoever is familiar with this situation would completely understand what we have been going through.Spoken to laois county council if nobody make a complain which only take few minutes to make your life so stressful and miserable they can turn an blind eye on it.
We would like to see some changes regarding enforcement law as it's very unfair on the person who gets reported by someone who is taking advantage and misusing this law.

We residents of kilminchy estate would like to get support from as many people as possible to keep our fences for our families safety and our houses.
Please do support us as your support can make a change.