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To: The Taoiseach, Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, all Ministers, TD's and Local Councillors

Save Ardmore Studios - Our National Film Studio

Not to sell the governments 31.6 % share of Ardmore Studios, and to insist it should only be sold as a going concern.

Why is this important?

Save Ardmore Studios – Our National Film Studio

Considered a driving force of the Irish film and television industry Ardmore Studios in Bray, Co Wicklow have hosted filmmakers from around the world for the past 58 years and have helped to establish Ireland as a hub for filmmaking. The facility itself has sound stages, production offices, workshops, hair and makeup, props, wardrobe, catering and much more, not to mention the wider reaching impact for the local economy with external companies providing supporting services and facilities.

In recent months it was announced that Ardmore Studios is to go on sale, Initially the sale was advertised as an ongoing concern with the function of the land and buildings to remain as they are. However, talks have begun to consider an unconditional sale, which simply put could mean that the land and buildings may be used for other purposes such as residential, commercial/retail etc.
The repercussions of a sale on these terms would be felt by the industry as a whole, with the loss of thousands of jobs both directly and indirectly in the Wicklow/Dublin area and beyond.

At present through Enterprise Ireland the government holds a 31.6% stake in Ardmore Studios, this stake can be seen as a reflection of a desire to support and grow the film and television industry in Ireland. Currently there is a serious shortage of studio space in the country, which has already resulted in multi million euro productions going elsewhere in Europe.

In order to continue to be a competitive challenger in the market place and to ensure the growth of the industry, the government should move to maintain at least this 31.6% stake and and ensure that Ardmore Studios are sold as an ongoing concern

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