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To: Kildare County Council

Sallins Road Safety Action Group

This campaign has ended.

Sallins Road Safety Action Group

We want Kildare County Council to implement Traffic Calming measures in Sallins as a matter of urgency

Why is this important?

Road Safety remains a significant issue in Sallins, with accidents or near misses happening on a weekly basis. Following successful initiatives led by Sallins Community Council, such as the recent marches in November and December, this group has been formed to focus exclusively on bringing the issue of Road Safety to the forefront of public attention, while also maintaining pressure on Kildare County Council.

Sallins, County Kildare, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • Put safety first
  • I am crossing that road every morning and it is very dangerous, driver ignoring the traffic light, big trička from near building site passing in crazy speed, if no action will be taken more people will be killed soon


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