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To: Taoiseach Micheál Martin, Minister Michael McGrath, Minister Stephen Donnelly and HSE CEO, Paul Reid

Recognise Long Covid as Occupational Injury & maintain current special Covid Leave

● Recognise Long Covid as Occupational Injury. Other EU countries have done this.
● Maintain current special leave with pay for frontline workers affected by Long Covid such as healthcare workers, Medical Scientists, Teachers, SNAs, Gardai, Defence Forces, Prison Service, Paramedics and others who worked in essential public services during Covid.

Why is this important?

Long Covid is not recognized or acknowledged enough in Ireland. I'm a nurse who contracted Covid in January 2021. My health has being severely affected by Long Covid, there are many others in the same boat. Long Covid doesn’t discriminate, it can affect anyone at any time. People think Covid is over but it's not for those of us with Long Covid. The Government are now attempting to stop special leave with pay. It's not acceptable to do this when many healthcare workers and other sector workers contracted Covid on duty. Many of us had no vaccine when we got Covid. Other EU countries acknowledge Long Covid as occupational injury - Ireland needs to step up and follow suit.



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