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To: The Department of Education and skills

Promote Inclusivity and End Discrimination in Education

Create workshops to educate primary and secondary teachers on Diversity and how to avoid discrimination in school. Equip them with the adequate skills to be able to include and encourage students of different ethnic minorities.

Include diversity and racial talks in the school curriculum to promote understanding between pupils and teachers.

Why is this important?

This is very important as in education, in Ireland many students have witnessed quite a lot discrimination from teachers and students out of ignorance or due to their lack of understanding of different cultures.

For example during my secondary education, teachers would often discourage students of an immigrant background from doing higher level subjects because they believed that these students were not capable of doing as well as their Irish classmates, therefore limiting their capacity of achieving greatness due to their ethnicity. This had an effect on countless students leading their self confidence to decrease which had a detrimental effect on their mental health and their academic performance.

Students are often very uneducated about racial issues and discrimination. As a result of this they can be quite insensitive towards students who are different.
This is a very important issue that needs a lot of attention to be able to stop it.


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