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To: The Clare County Council & Shane Ross, Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport

Nevsail Watersports forced to SINK because of Clare County Council

Nevsail Watersports forced to SINK because of Clare County Council

Dont take Kilkee Beach Hut from us

Why is this important?

From 2020 onwards the Clare County Council WILL ONLY MAKE ONE OF THE BEACH HUTS AVAILABLE in Kilkee, which would make it impossible for Nevsail to continue to operate its business successfully.

Nevsail has been running our Kilkee Watersports Camps for kids and teens for 15 years now and families book their summer holidays to Kilkee again and again, because of the activities and adventure services we provide.

We have been told many many times that lots of the kids start saving up there own pocket money all year round so that they can book on with us.

Parents love dropping their kids to us each day in the knowing that their children are safe and having fun, whilst they are able to take a lovely cliff walk and a tea/coffee in one of the local businesses.

Nevsail hopes the Clare County Council will still allow Nevsail to continue to rent both beach huts as they have been doing so for the last 15 years as having one hut only to operate from would cause us huge problems and we have no other suitable options available from 2020.

There has to be a suitable solution that we could come to that would allow Nevsail to keep on operating without this change drastically affecting our business, other businesses and subsequently tourism in Kilkee, Co. Clare.

Asit stands, from 2020, Nevsail will not be able to take any more group bookings, such as school tours etc with only one hut, as it is obviously not allowed to have both males and female getting change in the same change facility.

This is 50% of the Nevsail’s business.

Over the 15 of years in operation, I do believe Nevsail has been a great asset to Kilkee and to all who have enjoyed the water activities with us.

And I do believe that the surrounding towns and the Loop Head have gained too because of Nevsail's operation and it is essential to have activities to offer people in order to further develop tourism in the area.

We have also set up with local hotels for accommodation and some groups and guests often stay overnight in Kilkee (Stella Mara’s and Myles Creek and Pure Camping).

Kids on school tours purchase food at Nolan’s shop, Mace and pick up some lovely treats at Rosarie’s and the Blue Dolphin for their trip home.

Each Easter, we run our very popular Nevsail Easter Egg Hunt for the kids on the Kilkee Beach and this fundraiser raises much needed funds for the AWARE charity (helping people with mental health issues) and this year we raiser over €1350 on the day.

At present, we employ two Kilkee locals, one staff member from Lizzycasey and 2-3 others who rent accomadation in Kilkee whilst working with us during the summer months.

We have brought the TV Nationwide programme, TG4, RTE Radio, Clare FM and many more media operators to Kilkee to record and film with us, promoting and selling Kilkee over the last 15 years.

If Nevsail Watersports is not able to continue as it has been because of the beach hut been taken off us in 2020, this could mean serious loss of income, employment and services to Nevsail and I do believe the wider communities and businesses in Kilkee and Co. Clare.

Would you please please help Nevsail by signing our petition, writing to the Clare County Council or anyone who you think might be able to help us or to your local newspaper or radio station about this issue before Nevsail are forced out of business because of the Clare County Council.

How it will be delivered

email, deliver and press release

Kilkee, County Clare, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • My daughter loves Nevsail, it’s the reason we book a holiday in Kilkee
  • This lad is a legend the of tue best
  • Dee Donnellan


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Just an example of what the kids would be missing if we have the Nevsail Hut taken from us:

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