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Keep our Friend Fr. David Bradley

This campaign has ended.

Keep our Friend Fr. David Bradley

Why is this important?

We are all saddened and shocked by the news that after 26 years in the parish Fr. David Bradley is being relocated to a new parish. Fr. Bradley has always been a pillar in our community be it in the schools or with our local GAA club. He has brought about many positive changes over his years as our parish priest and we hope he is allowed to continue this great work.

He has always gone above & beyond getting involved and connected with the community! We can all agree this will be a huge loss to our parish if he is made to leave. We hope by getting as many signatures as possible it might prove how much he means to our parish and community and be allowed to remain as our parish priest.

Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • FB has belongs in Holy Family, we have all grown up as part of the youth group and choir, or know someone who attends the senior group or is involved in another way! He has made the parish a proper community for young & old, its a shame to take him away from everything he has achieved!
  • FB is a legend
  • FB has made a huge impact on my life! All the way from America, I came to Holy Family and made my First Communion with Father Bradley in the same church as my parents! He is truly a welcoming, caring, and compassionate person who serves a great community! I would hate not being able to “come home” to a priest who has accomplished so much, and has much more to do within the Holy Family community


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