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To: Minister for Housing, Darragh O'Brien

Freeze rent increases now

Introduce a two-year rent freeze immediately.

Why is this important?

Wages haven't gone up 14% - so neither should rents. The latest report says that we are in an "extreme supply shortage" - and landlords and estate agents are taking advance of this by hiking up prices because they know people are desperate.

Renters are being put under more pressure to pay higher rents more despite their wages not increasing in line with it and the cost of living rising. We cannot handle any more increases, the very minimum we need is a rent freeze immediately.

The government says it has a plan to build tens of thousands of houses in the coming years - if it really believes it, they'll have no issue in a time-limited rent increase ban to give renters space to breathe.

Daft 2022 Q3 report:

Uplift's People's Housing Plan:



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