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To: Minister for Housing Darragh O'Brien

Freeze rent increases now

Introduce a freeze on rent increases across Ireland as soon as possible.

Why is this important?

Rents are increasing every quarter across the country in urban and rural settings at an unsustainable rate. Rents are increasing more than the cap limits in rent pressure zones where they are in effect. Many places that fall outside the designated rent pressure zones are increasing at even higher rates and are not covered by any rent cap linked to inflation, the previous 3% rate or the new suggested 2%. E.g. Donegal rents increased over 24% compared to same quarter last year.

These 'rent caps' are still rent increases and we cannot afford increases. Landlords and estate agents are taking advance of the housing crisis by hiking up prices because of demand. Renters are being put under more pressure to pay higher rents more despite their wages not increasing in line with it and the cost of living rising. We cannot handle any more increases, the very minimum we need is a rent freeze immediately.

Daft 2021 Q4 report:
Uplift's People's Housing Plan:



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