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We Support the Safe Injection Centre at Merchants Quay

We Support the Safe Injection Centre at Merchants Quay

Reverse the decision to overturn planning permission to the nation's first safe supervised injection facility at Merchants Quay.

Why is this important?

While the planning permission for the safe injection facility at Merchants Quay Ireland was granted in 2019, the High Court yesterday overturned An Bord Pleanála's initial planning permission grant due to the proximity to a primary school.

Medically supervised injection facilities are a necessary facility in a humane city, and the longer we go on denying the necessary care for our communities struggling with addiction, the longer we go on vilifying and ultimately failing those communities.

There is an abundance of evidence that points towards safe injection centres saving lives and preventing drug overdoses. They are a health-led approach to addiction, and there is a prevalent need for these services and the dignity they offer.

Additionally, the provision of the facility benefit the wider community by reducing public injection & allow for proper disposal of waste.

Dublin, Ireland

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