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To: Irish Government

Give older women their full pension rights

Older women have waited long enough. The Government must use the Social Welfare Bill to reverse the changes made in 2012 that made it harder for women to access their full pension rights.

Why is this important?

Ireland has a gender pension gap of 37%, and women have considerably less access to State pensions than men. Changes to pension contribution bands in 2012 made it harder for women to qualify for a State pension, compounding the situation. Tens of thousands of women get smaller pensions, or sometimes no pension at all, simply because they took time out of the workforce to care for their children.

Reasons for signing

  • It's not right!
  • Despite being a partner in every possible way except having her name on the farming business account, the only pension received for her is the "top up" of Dad's pension for her as a dependent. Mum did some of the toughest, most physically demanding work anyone could do in addition to being the brains of the operation. Is she to continue to be treated as less worthy than others who just happened to be PAYE workers? Let ok after the women who made this country what it is!
  • My pension will be less because of this mess up.


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