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To: HSE CEO Paul Reid & Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly

Help me get the PA hours I need to live independently

On the eve of a huge petition delivery outside the HSE, we got word that Daniel was successful in his campaign - the pressure worked! Daniel got the PA hours he needs to live a fulfilled life.

I am looking for at least 50 Personal Assistance hours per week.
The HSE has denied this to me, and to thousands of other disabled people, leaving us without the essential care we need to live full and productive lives.

Why is this important?

I am a Masters Graduate. I am a Presenter, Podcaster, Producer and Filmmaker who happens to live with Cerebral Palsy as an electric wheelchair user. Without the support of a PA, I am facing the prospect of living in a care home, becoming institutionalised and invisible. This would be a living nightmare for me and my family and I'm not the only one.
Here is an article about why this matters so much


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