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To: Lisa Mellor

Cllr Keogan Vacant East Meath Seat

Cllr Keogan Vacant East Meath Seat

To have Cllr Keogan's vacant seat in the local elections democratically voted on.

Why is this important?

This is important because we live in Democratic republic and for the local Community of Stamullen and Gormanston we need a strong voice to represent and drive our village's forward, with a candidate that was on the ballot paper. Lisa topped the poll in the Stamullen/Gormanston area by 568 electoral votes. The people have spoken with the votes.

Meath, County Meath, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • undemocratic behavior
  • Agree in that we as a growing thriving village so we need to be heard and have a voice that knows the community and speaks from the heart. Lisa Mellor
  • Important for those who were actually on the ballot paper to be given the seat


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