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To: Department of Health

Block Sisters of Charity as 'sole owners' of National Maternity Hospital

The Sisters of Charity have announced they will not be involved in owning or running the new Maternity Hospital

Sign and share this petition to prevent the Sisters of Charity becoming 'sole owners' of the hospital. Show the state we will not allow the abuse of our babies, children, and women to be swept under the rug. Demand a formal apology from Sisters of Charity and demand they pay their share of the redress scheme.

Why is this important?

The Sisters of Charity is one of 18 residential institutions that is highlighted by the Ryan report 2009 to have been responsible for child abuse. They still owe €3 million to the redress scheme for its survivors. The Sisters of Charity, along with three other religious congregations, were responsible for the management of Magdalene Laundries. In 2013 they stated they would not be making ANY contributions to the State redress scheme to the women who had been subject abuse in the Magdalene Laundries. The Department of Health now want to give 'sole' ownership of the new €300 million State-funded National Maternity Hospital.

Deny them 'sole' ownership. Demand they formally apologise and pay redress.


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Reasons for signing

  • We are proud to proclaim that we are living in a modern republic and we need to have the ambition to genuinely be one. We cannot continue to place essential public services in the hands of private religious organisations. By doing do we are continuing to create bubbles of theocratic rule, with huge consequences for those who find that they are subject to it. We know the history of this and just pretending it’s somehow acceptable is just not good enough.
  • This is just another sickening twist in such a long story of heartlessness and betrayal. It beggars belief that control of new state maternity hospitals should pass into the 'care' (read control) of unrepentant, historical abusers of women and babies.
  • The Irish state should be taking properties from the Catholic Church not handing them over to the care of those who have previously shown their ineptitude and have abused their position of power


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