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To: the Taoiseach

Abolish Daylight Saving Time in Ireland

2018 going forward, abolish Daylight Saving Time.

Why is this important?

Past decades DST has become more of a hindrance than help as the way we work has changed with ubiquity of electric lighting, not to mention the Internet. The benefits it may have brought a century ago are no longer relevant.

Although it is quite common elsewhere in the world, Poland is the first EU country to start doing away with the DST nonsense (starting 2018). Let's follow this example and help the rest of EU out of DST.

Good (and hilarious!) commentary on DST by Last Week Tonight:

The number of people impacted by DST all at once leads to some surprising associations, including a spike in heart attacks, increased numbers of work injuries, automobile accidents, suicides, and more in the days following.

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The psychological impact is not everything. The banking, transportation, people working nights are all adversely impacted.

It can stop right now.


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